Lucca, its wine and olive oil

This tour will drive you in one
of the most beautiful city of Tuscany, LUCCA.

The historical centre of this nice city is really very nice, you can ride a bycicle and go on the ancient walls, 4 kms around the city, then you can visit SAN MICHELE, SAN MARTINO and the AMPHITHEATRE SQUARE.
If you love ITALIAN OPERA, LUCCA is also GIACOMO PUCCINI’S hometown and there is a museum, recently opened in his hometown.
LUCCA is the only city in ITALY where you can see a COMICS museum so for childs and for adults who feel childs is a nice destination.
After the morning spent in LUCCA we’ll move to a winery for lunch, in MONTECARLO.
In the afternoon another winery nearby will complete our tour.

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