Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of vehicles do you use?


What the cost of the tour includes?

The cost of the tour include: car rental, driver’s service, vat, insurance, taxes, parking, tolls. Not include museum tickets, entrance fees, meals. Price is valid for the vehicle and is not per person, we have 2 different prices up to 3 persons and 4-8 persons.

Are your drivers also guides?

In Italy the two jobs are very different and they need different licences, so our drivers are able to give you all the info you need about the place you will visit, where to go, what to do, but they cannot walk with you in the cities, that’s the job of the professional guide.

Is it possible to extend the tour and how can I pay the difference?

Yes, it’s possible, you’ll pay the difference at the end to the driver.

How can I book my tour?

We trust our clients so the booking is easy, just send an e mail with the details that we ask you and we’ll issue the vouchers.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a deposit only for the services that don’t begin in Florence, we do not ask any credit card number, you will pay the deposit through our web site, secure payment.

How and when can I pay?

You can pay directly the driver cash or credit card at the end of the service. If you prefer to pay in advance you can do it. We accept VISA OR MASTERCARD.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you’re not able to do the tour, please advise by mail if is up two days before the date, by telephone if is very close to our date.

If I would like to change my itinerary how can I do?

As our tours are private you can decide in any moment even at the beginning of the day to change your itinerary. Your driver, after a telephone call to the office, will tell you if the price is the same or if there’s to pay a difference and how much is. The difference will be charged on your credit card.

Are the children welcome?

For us children are very important so please tell us if you’ve children, how old they are and if you need baby seat.

Do you have a meeting point in Florence or do you pick us up at our location?

We pick you up at your location in Florence, at the lobby of the hotel, at your apartment, even in the historical centre, we have the permit.
In case your address is not in Florence no problem we pick you up wherever you want, price change.

For the cruise ship, where do you pick up passengers?

In Livorno on the dock, in LA SPEZIA at the cruise terminal, we’ll give you instructions at the moment of your booking. Anyway we will give you instructions when you’ll book the service.

For the wine tours do you book the wineries or we have to book by ourselves?

The service can be made in two different ways:
A) We will book the wineries for you, average price for a lunch with a combination of food and wine is 50/55 euros per person, including visit at the cellars, for a wine tasting cost is 20/25 euros per person, depends from the wine production area you choose.
B) If you want to go in particular wineries, you can book by yourselves the option that is more suitable for you, knowing also the price.Usually the big wineries offer you a wide range of combination and different options. We usually drive our clients to a family winery, not big, not famous, but very good and also the atmosphere is what you can expect.

Why can be convenient to hire two small vans versus a big van?

In Italy the vehicles over 8 seats plus driver are considered buses and doesn’t matter how big the vehicle is, driver must follows the rules of the bus regulation. In the big cities as well FLORENCE, PISA, SIENA, ROMA, VENEZIA, SAN GIMIGNANO, ETC. they must pay an entrance fee very high. So if you consider that the cost of the hire is 50% higher than a small van and you add the entrance fees (in Florence is about 300 euros) you see that the cost for 2 vans is equal. Also the big vans they do not have the access to the city centre as with the small vans we have. So if you want to do a tour in these cities and you are more than 8, consider the two vans.

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